The Canton RC Club was founded in 1955, and there have been many changes over the years. The club is always finding ways to make the facility better. The runway is located on top of a land fill that cannot be used for anything else.

The Club enjoys a small close membership of 32 people. We all share a common interest in aviation, whether it is airplanes, helicopters, multi-rotors, model rockets, control line. You just never know what you might see fly when you show up.

New members, family and visitors are always welcome. On any given day (weather permitting) you will find planes soaring high and the sounds of the engines in the skies overhead. Driving instructions and a map are available on the right side-bar of each page.

The club will be hosting several events throughout the year. These events change from year to year, so please check the calendar for event dates and details. The Calendar also lists events for other clubs in the area. Examples are:

  • Youth Day Fun Fly, Program involving the cub scouts, boy scouts and still open to the public. This event allows the youth to fly a real RC airplane, under the supervision and safety of an experienced pilot.
  • Electric Fun Fly, event focused on electric aircraft. (No Generator Needed Electric Fun FlyJ)
  • Memorial Fun Fly, event focused on honoring those who flew before us.
  • No Excuse Fun Fly, event focused on family, a picnic and some flying.

The Club is a Charter member of the AMA and is sanctioned by the AMA. Therefore we follow AMA guidelines. Those guide lines can be found here.

The Club has several amenities to accommodate visitors and the member’s needs, and as those needs change so does the club. Listed below are some of current features.

  • The runway grass is kept very short to accommodate smaller electric air craft
  • Club House, 12’ x 24’ enclosed and heated by a wood burning stove.
  • Pavilion, with picnic tables and 2 – 12’ long electric charging tables.
  • 12 volt DC 60A constant power for charging aircraft batteries.
  • 120 volt AC power in several locations for charging aircraft batteries.
  • 4 – 8’ wooden benches for servicing aircraft.
  • 6 – Aircraft flight stands, for fueling and safely starting aircraft before flight.
  • Several benches for spectators.
  • Parking is plentiful, and conveniently close to the flight line.
  • There are 2 port a johns, men’s and woman’s (woman’s is also Handicap accessible)
  • The site also hosts a weather station, with weather information at the facility available on-line.
  • You can view overhead views of the runway and Field by clicking on the links below.

Below are some overhead views of the site dimensions. Click on the links to see the pictures:

Field Dimensions

Runway Dimensions